EUM tries to highlight the uniqueness of upholstery foam by subtracting it instead of covering it. Foam usually has a smooth and plain texture, but when it is ripped, the texture can become rough/coarse while still retain its softness.

The idea is to accentuate two contrasting textures of foam by engraving patterns on it. The technique can be easily done with hand tools and leaves a lot of possibilities. After it is cut, the foam is still flexible and comfortable.

The patterns on the foam are the reinterpretation of some Indonesian traditional patterns such as Kawung and Parang.

Early Experimentation

Pattern and Colour Experimentation

Finding the Right Colour

Alternative Patterns Exploration

Eum Stool

Detail of Eum Stool with “Kawung” Pattern

Detail of Eum Stool with “Parang” Pattern

Alternative Colours and Patterns

Testing the Stool