Is it comfortable or uncomfortable?
Is it soft or hard?
Is it furniture or a living thing?
Inspired by the imperfection in the human body and inanimate object, the project challenges the perception of comfort and creates an uncanny effect.

Humans tend to demand perfection in everything from our bodies to the objects we create. However, the imperfection, such as skin conditions and damages, is unavoidable because all animate and inanimate objects are vulnerable. Yet it is beneficial as it reminds humans to take care their own bodies and their surroundings.

‘Appalstered’ is a collection of upholstered furniture appearing to be contaminated or damaged, breaking with modernist design purity and aesthetics. Mysterious and ambiguous features remind humans of their own imperfection as well as raise a question whether it is comfortable to sit on. Whilst offering a new identity to the upholstered furniture, ‘Appalstered’ draws humans to touch, triggers conversations among the audience, and unleashes the undiscovered characteristics of the materials.



The furniture is inspired by skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and tumour. These diseases are applied to disrupt the form and break the aesthetic of the generic upholstered chairs so they may look uncomfortable from a distance. Nevertheless, the furniture are made of materials that are soft and safe to sit on.